Wine Therapy

Beauty is a reflection of the light in the soul

We believe that true beauty is an expression of inner harmony and balance. That is why our program is built on the holistic principle and includes besides classical beauty procedures also special programs and rituals that harmonize and recharge with new energy. Take the time for yourself and visit our cozy complex for thermal treatments with a wonderful view of the Rhodopes!


Revive and refresh yourself with the aroma of fresh hay in our unique Bio sauna. Tea of fresh herbs simmers in the copper mug over the fireplace, nice music flows through the cabin. Your eyes linger over the hills of Brestovitsa and you suddenly realize that it’s the small things that make your life beautiful.


Enjoy a relaxing moment, submerged in the fragrant veil of the Roman bath. While each pore of your skin gets deeply cleansed you will feel your body stripping itself from all stress and fatigue. To further increase the purifying and rejuvenating effects of this procedure we have added carefully selected essential oils and aromas. The feeling of purity and freshness is exceptional!


Relax every single muscle of your body on the cosy warm stone banks in the Tepidarium and forget all about time. Solar-like lights keep air temperature 39°C which additionally stimulates the sweating and cleansing process and fortifies the immune system. Comparatively low temperature makes your stay at the cabin pleasant and relaxing.

Our special body therapies

Wine Glamor


Skin therapy with grapes and shea oils!

The program starts with micronized grape seeds aroma peeling, after which your skin is perfectly clean and prepared for assimilating the precious bioactive ingredients of the nutritive body mask.  The exclusive natural oils made of grapes and African shea are rich of vitamin E, OPC and allantoin and through hydration make the skin silky soft and glamorous. Relax in a state of weightlessness in our special soft pack bed, while your skin is getting nurtured by precious bioactive ingredients!

60 min.   50 BGN



Wine Mascarpone


An extraordinary interpretation of Cleopatra’s recipe for exquisite skin: extract from Cabernet Sauvignon and Buffalo milk, enriched by grapes oil and combined with the fine fragrance of young wine. The milk proteins clean and hydrate the skin, and the red wine’s polyphenols enrich the skin with their powerful antioxidants. The program includes effective body mask and relaxing aroma bath. This is an amazing anti-aging procedure that guarantees pleasure and delight!

75 min.   65 BGN

Herbal GRAPE


The relaxing therapy with hot strands of dried wine marcs, specially selected herbs and cold pressed grapes oil combines the healing properties of the grapes with therapeutic rituals that origin from the traditional medicine in East Asia cultures. The warmth of the herbal strands rests the muscles, expands the skin pores and helps the effective assimilation of the precious oils and extracts. The therapy stimulates the immune system, improves the blood circulation and helps the overall vitalization of the organism. The traditional Asian massage techniques and exotic fragrances turn this procedure into a whole new experience!

50 min.   55 BGN



Exfoliation with grapes


The massage with the fresh exfoliating paste made of grapes oil, micronized grapes seeds and plant extracts, with the aroma of ginger and grapefruit, cleans the skin off of the dead cells and stimulates the renovating processes. It’s a perfect start in the world of wine therapy!


20 min   25 BGN

Baric bath


The aroma bath with salts and extracts from cabernet sauvignon stimulates the metabolism and helps the toxins elimination. Relax with a cup of herbal tea with wine extracts in the elegant atmosphere of our SPA suite!


30 min.
for one person     25 BGN
for two persons   35 BGN


Mavrud Reserve

Renovation and vitality with a cocktail of polyphenols, enzymes and fruit acids. The program normalizes the metabolism, absorbs the toxins and stimulates the renovation processes in the organism. Concentrated grape seed extract recovers damaged collagen fibers, nourishes, smoothes and rejuvenates the skin. Discover the unique feel of freshness and lightness after the exfoliation with grapes and the regenerating power of the wine concentrated in a relaxing honey and wine massage and a nourishing body mask from finely micronized grape seeds.

60 min.   50 BGN

Wine therapeutic programs for two

Discreet luxury, tranquility and harmony await you in our elegant relax suites reserved for you and your partner, where the rituals we have prepared will become a real experience. Each suite is equipped with a modern whirlpool, professional treatment beds and a cozy relaxation area.
Luxurious procedures with wine therapy, a glass of wine and a sip of time in a sophisticated atmosphere!

The Classics

A perfect entry in the world of wine therapy! The program includes aroma bath with salts and wine extracts, massage for two with warm grapes oil. Relax with a glass of wonderful wine in the elegant atmosphere of our SPA suite!

75 min. 90 BGN


Enjoy our unique Wine Mascarpone for two! Your program will start with delicate body exfoliation with micronized grape seeds and exclusive natural essential oils.   Afterwards follows an effective mask with concentrated extract of Cabernet Sauvignon and buffalo milk, which is rich of milk acids, polyphenols and resveratrol. They act as a natural lifting of the skin. Please all your senses with a glass of Todoroff wine in our Baric bath with the aroma of young wine and forest fruits.

90 min. 100 BGN


A special relaxing program with wine products and exclusive natural oils for you and your partner. The program starts with peeling by micronized grape seeds and nourishing oils from grapes and jojoba. Afterwards we will let you relax in the aroma bath with Cabernet Sauvignon and buffalo milk extracts, holding a glass of wonderful wine and enjoying relaxing music.

The final effect is velvet-like skin and wonderful mood!

100 min. 120 BGN


Classic massage

Energy massage with warmed grapes oil. Choose your fragrance from our aromatherapy range – freshness, relaxation and harmony!

45 min.       50 BGN
20 min.       25 BGN

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