Wine Tasting

Wine tasting hall

Pleasure your senses, enjoy wine tasting in the unique wine tasting hall of TODOROFF Wine Residence 8 meters under ground level, comfortably seating 65 guests.

In the atmosphere of an original collection or works of art, the hall is the place for all wine connoisseurs and fens of gourmet wine tasting. Because of its splendid acoustics the wine tasting hall is the preferred place of venue for many small classical concerts, and cultural events.

Wine tasting packages

TODOROFF Wine Residence has developed unique personal approach towards wine tourism. Our experienced animators introduce our guests to the basics of wine tasting, to the classical rules of combining food with wine. Our guests are introduces to the fine tradition of wine preservation, to intriguing secrets from the techniques and methods of wine production and to the vast variety of grape sorts and regions.
For everyone willing to taste our wines and visit TODOROFF Wine Residence we offer to book Your time and date in advance.

Tasting of 3 wines

Price: 14.00 BGN

Tasting of 5 wines

Price: 20.00 BGN

Gourmet tasting of 3 wines

Price: 20.00 BGN

Gourmet tasting of 5 wines

Price: 30.00 BGN

Tasting of 3 wines with lunch or dinner

Price: 44.00 BGN

Tasting of 5 wines with lunch or dinner

Price: 50.00 BGN

Book a Wine Tasting

To book a wine tasting, you can use the contact form (you have to enter the desired tasting package, the number of guests and the desired date and time of the event) or call us at: +359 896 68 94 42


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